Start On The Road Began To Struggle To See The Entrepreneur’s Comments

At present, the severe employment situation of university graduates placed in front of a lot of countries have also introduced policies to encourage college students start, but for various reasons, always being blocked Graduate Entrepreneurship, the author interviewed Jiangmen Wuyi computer school graduates three entrepreneurs, see see vocational training school graduates relative to college graduates in business Why go to smooth the way more.

The three entrepreneurs are very early start with the idea, all belong to the most early stage venture, and are starting from the shop, more importantly, their attitude is very good, all hard-working .

Pioneering the road for them, can only be just beginning, how the road ahead in the end, nobody knows, but they kind of indomitable courage, and perhaps many people do not have. Business, they are on the road … …

Own business should not fear failure

Business comments: “If you do decide to start their own businesses on the free hand to do bold, young people not be afraid of failure.”

“In fact, when the study on young men, half-way is sure to encounter many difficulties, not only for the immediate interests of the long-term plans to do.”

He Wenbin, Wuyi computer colleges graduates in 2007, Computer City, two years after work with friends in Heshan Shaping Genesis computer run.

He Wenbin time in school already have entrepreneurial ideas, so he asked the school before the internship job to do and teachers, he went to Computer City practice, in order to understand the specific operation of the computer shops in the city, two years later, in a some experience and funds, the joint venture in Heshan Shaping friends and opened a computer company.

“I thought they have the power, do not need someone else’s working.” Own business plan initially did not get the support of parents, they think to find a secure job is the most important. After He Wenbin insistence, the parents finally agreed to help He Wenbin shop. Mom said when giving me a pay a year on tuition, and more young people is also good for another try.

Shop sounds simple, but not easy to do. He Wenbin just graduated looking for their own people Decoration Find a channel purchase, look for shops on price, all arranged their own. He has since been renovated companies do not know to steal money through the efforts Fortunately, early in 2009 in Heshan Shaping He Wenbin opened a computer company about 40 square meters.

“Recently graduated, students need to know what, I shop mostly selling some computer parts, starting with the business hard, are rarely profitable.” Nevertheless, He Wenbin was carefully runs his own shop, because he believed that the experience of the future will be to their help.

For his shop, He Wenbin uses a metaphor: “It’s like my child, parents do not plan to be more good kids, just want it the healthy growth of the store as I was.” He Wenbin not thinking about making big money by shops, but this is his favorite cause. For every customer to provide good service, is his most enjoyable.

He Wenbin long-term business plan to continue to shop, and now he has to try and make the brand Proxy To the visibility of shop started.

Fact, I feel pretty good, although the process is difficult, but learned a lot of schools do not teach the truth. Many students should start to lose money, at least I have been making money.

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